Our First Summer Vacation

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Acadia Park

We went to Acadia the other day and rode our bikes around Eagle Lake.  Acadia has great trails throughout the park for bike riding.
Later that day we had lobster at our campsite.  I have tried several times to like lobster on this trip and it's just not happening.  Jacob and Scott really enjoyed eating their lobsters!  Caleb watched the man put the lobsters in the pot, so he wasn't able to eat them after that.

Whale watching

We went whale watching yesterday out of Bar Harbor.  I can't say much about this trip because I spent most of my time on the barf bench on the back of the boat.  In the picture that my husband was kind enough to take of me you can see the kid to the right of me with his face in the barf bag.  I did rally long enough to view the whales for a few minutes and they were spectacular, much bigger than the whales we saw last summer off of Victoria Island.

Sunset at our campground (Maine)

Sunset right outside our door
Caleb and Bear
Jacob searching for crabs

Red Sox Game

Outside of Fenway Park

Last Saturday we went to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.  Scott had a lot of fun seeing this historic field as a fan instead of a player.  The boys were really excited to see the "green monster" in person.  They had been to a Red Sox game when Scott was with the Blue Jays, but they were too little to remember being there.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plimoth Plantation

 We visited Plimoth Plantation (that's how it is spelled) to learn about the early colonists.  They had recreated a settlement from the 1600's with people acting/speaking/dressing like they would have in that time period.  They had also recreated what an early Indian settlement would have looked like.  The people there were dressed as they would have in that time period (it was really hot so they weren't wearing much) but they spoke to us as they would normally.  They were trying really hard to disspell common myths about the Native Americans and the settlers and how they dealt with each other.  It was a really fun and educational place to visit.

We also visited  Plymouth Rock.  Plymouth Rock itself is very small.....
We visited a replica of the Mayflower in the Harbor. Over 120 people in the bottom of the ship with animals and furniture, sailing over from Europe in the beginning of winter.  It's amazing that they made it here!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Middleboro, MA

We left Myrtle Beach on Tuesday morning and headed up to Massachusetts.  It was a looong drive.  Scott safely got us thru Washington D.C and Baltimore shortly after evening  rush hour had ended.  At that point we were at the half way point but decided to keep driving so we could go thru NYC in the middle of the night and avoid traffic.  The route according to Mapquest took us thru the city on I95.  We went over the George Washington Bridge and into the Bronx in our big ole RV.  I was very nervous and the road was in bad shape.  We bounced our way all thru the Bronx but managed to avoid any major problems.  Even though I was just the passenger, I will NEVER go that way again!

Myrtle Beach

We left our home in Florida last Friday afternoon and got into Georgia.  Spent the first night at a campground just north of Jacksonville.  The next day we drove the rest of the way to Myrtle Beach, SC.

While we were there we checked out the Boardwalk.  There was a huge ferris wheel (20 stories high) that the boys rode in with Scott.  Scott struggled with his fear of heights on the first rotation, but then he was O.K. Myrtle Beach seems like a great place to visit for spring break if you are of college age.  Not sure I would go back there again...

The best part of our time there was spent with the McVicker's.  Brenda and Dean are good friends of ours that I met in college.  They have two boys that are the same age as mine and we try to see them once a year.  The boys have a super time together and really look forward to the visits.  We cooked out at our campsite with them and spent a day at their hotel enjoying the beach.