Our First Summer Vacation

Friday, July 22, 2011

Middleboro, MA

We left Myrtle Beach on Tuesday morning and headed up to Massachusetts.  It was a looong drive.  Scott safely got us thru Washington D.C and Baltimore shortly after evening  rush hour had ended.  At that point we were at the half way point but decided to keep driving so we could go thru NYC in the middle of the night and avoid traffic.  The route according to Mapquest took us thru the city on I95.  We went over the George Washington Bridge and into the Bronx in our big ole RV.  I was very nervous and the road was in bad shape.  We bounced our way all thru the Bronx but managed to avoid any major problems.  Even though I was just the passenger, I will NEVER go that way again!

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  1. I have gone that same route, but couldn't imagine it in a RV. Glad you guys made it through safely. Let me know if you guys ever decide to stop in DC.